ZapSeries is a web application - created by bosam ( Samuel Belloulou ). Its genesis comes from the need to be informed about series and future scheduled episodes. It acted first as a big library where you would just tag episode and series you followed/watched and then evolved into a friendly social experience.

I (bosam) wanted to know there was something more than the episode I just watched, I wanted to know if someone like me saw something, like a hidden gem in the episode, that could prepare for a greater event later on the series. And the only way to do that was to go to decentralized forums about that particular series and find the thread about that episode. It was too much hassle for me I couldn't begin to imagine how It was for someone else. So I decided to create a platform to regroup all those series and provide a way for people to review these episodes and continue, in a way, the episode.


The application core is powered by Symfony 2, it uses a MySQL database with a varnish cache server upfront. There is a full REST api available (access for the authorized members is to come) communicating with the server and each android clients.

This project is somewhat 5 years old, there was an alpha version available for a couple of years until I found Symfony 2's ways and I decided to re-brand and rebuild everything for better management and load servicing. The beta version stayed online for a period of 2 months before taking its wings.

It's a way for me to create something that I'm using every day and also to show what I'm capable of, coding the full back and front withing a period of 4-5 months (android application included).

It's a corner stone of my life project to go live in Vancouver -

And most importantly, it generously used the API until it failed to rise up from the dead. It uses now API to feed on series and updates.

Thank you to

my friends for helping me taking decisions and supporting me through the months, some of them have done way more than others such as Guillaume Bricout for its great logo and choice of colors, Steven Walker (for his help on translations and ideas for improving the UI), the beta testers of the android application as well as the application ( Cyprien, Julien, Nicolas ) and for your bug reports and ideas and my parents/brother/sister for being there for me.

This is not the end of it as I am going to make it deeper over the months, add new features and improve the UI.

This is only the beginning.