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Two years after Hurricane Katrina, much of New Orleans is still in chaos, so Felony Action Squad officer Marlin Boulet isn't worried about bending a few rules. His new partner, Trevor Cobb, is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan in search of redemption. Also on the squad are hotheaded Billy "K-9" Faust, wise guy Jeff "Glue Boy" Gooden, hardbitten Ginger "Love Tap" LeBeau and Capt. James Embry, who runs his team with equal parts humor and sheer grit.

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Kaamelott is a French television series that originally ran from 2005 to 2009. It combines medieval fantasy and comedy[1] to present a new "realistic epic"[2] version of the Arthurian legend. While the series takes place in the 5th century,[3] it uses modern language and situations to create a humorous view of the Arthurian legend, even in the fifth season (or "book") when the mood becomes darker and more dramatic as Arthur's kingdom begins to disintegrate.